As a teacher, the last thing you need is an outdated SEL curriculum with a full 3-day training to go along with it!  <You’re probably nodding your head>

Good! Because Bully Resistance is none of those things! Keep scrolling to learn more!

About- Bully Resistance

Bully Resistance is an anti-bullying initiative and school curriculum with a focus on empowering students to create social change and a positive school climate, with an emphasis on empathy and compassion.


Bully Resistance is different because it is a pro-active movement to empower STUDENTS at an early age to take ownership of their school’s climate. Bully Resistance encourages social change by helping students create an anti-bullying, assertive, inclusive school climate, and inspires leadership.

Core Competencies

Each lesson in Bully Resistance is aligned with the American School Counselor Association Mindsets & Behaviors standards, as well as addresses one of the 5 core social & emotional competencies, to aid in social and emotional learning.

Curriculum for School Districts

Students learn about self-esteem, wellness, teasing vs. bullying, friendship, Internet & Social Media Safety and Protection, bullying behaviors & consequences of bullying, common mental health diagnoses, school safety, and how to foster positive school climate.

Think every one in your school needs to learn more about The Resistance? Complete the form below for more details about how to get Bully Resistance in your entire school.

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