Introducing- Bully Resistance

A new anti-bullying initiative and school curriculum with a focus on empowering students to create social change and a positive school climate, with an emphasis on empathy and compassion.



Bully Resistance is different because it is a pro-active movement to empower STUDENTS at an early age to take ownership of their school’s climate. Bully Resistance encourages social change by helping students create an anti-bullying, assertive, inclusive school climate, and inspires leadership.


Core Competencies

Each lesson in Bully Resistance is aligned with American School Counselor Association Mindsets & Behaviors standards, as well as addresses one of the 5 core social & emotional competencies, to aid in social and emotional learning.

Curriculum for School Districts

Students learn about self-esteem, wellness, teasing vs. bullying, friendship, Internet & Social Media Safety and Protection, bullying behaviors & consequences of bullying, common mental health diagnoses, school safety, and how to foster positive school climate. Once complete, each student will have a Safety Plan for school districts to utilize.


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