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At keligooch.com, my mission is to create social change. With my new 2018 anti-bullying initiative, Bully Resistance, I plan to change the way bullying is handled in schools. At keligooch.com, you’ll also find notes from my personal journal, as I share my thoughts as a non-traditional parent.

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I write to offer positive insight and educational articles while providing professional products to parents, teachers, social workers, and administrators.

So who am I and why did I start writing in the first place?  

Since I was a little girl, the human mind has always interested me.  I remember at the age of 10, going to my local library and checking out a book about a young boy that had autism.  That same year, I watched a movie entitled House of Cards. (Yeah, not the one with Frank Underwood- House of Cards 1993). I was intrigued with Sally’s (the main character) struggle with finding reality. I wanted desperately to help her. Even though this movie was very unrealistic and the acting wasn’t all that great, I was hooked. From then on, I loved reading anything about the brain and I knew that I wanted to be in the mental health field.

After High School graduation, I attended the University of Tennessee at Martin where I majored in Psychology and English.  A week before my graduation, I gave birth to an awesome baby girl, Tayler Beth.  Unbeknownst to me, she was born with  3 copies of her 21st Chromosome and almost died on the day of her birth.

She forever transformed my perspective and my goals in life. Her diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism has made me stronger and tougher; she helped me know true love.

A year after her birth, I went on to pursue my Master’s degree again at the University of TN at Martin.  After graduation, I went on to work at a local community mental health center.

And Now…

I currently work as mental health counselor at my local school system.  I have been married for 6 years (love you Lew), Tayler Beth is now 15,  and I have a 4-year-old (Allison Eloise). My life is extremely busy, sometimes tough, but well worth it.

I’m passionate about mental health and will forever be an advocate for my daughter.



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