6 years ago I was in a rough place.

I was struggling on the inside. I loved my husband and child, but my self-love was low. 

At that time, I would return from work, spend time with my family, and go directly to bed.  I often cried in the car.

Having a child with multiple disabilities, she often missed certain milestones, and I grieved.  Couple that with my low self-esteem and I found myself in a dark place.

I looked at other moms and envied normalcy.

I felt unworthy, isolated, and just plain different.

I had a ton of family support, but yet my sadness hung around.

The day-to-day tasks became harder for me to complete.

It wasn’t until I discovered 7 Secrets that I was able to finally start living the life I desperately desired.

I’d love to share those secrets with you in my FREE eBook.


Before I discovered these secrets, I was unable to let go of the guilt about my daughter’s birth (I felt like her Down Syndrome diagnosis was my fault).

I felt it was my fault that she was unable to talk.

I also had EXTREME guilt about the debt I had incurred over the years.  Having a child just after graduating college with medical conditions, I used credit cards for the 1st year of her life since I was unable to work.  Couple that with student loans, and I had debt that I did not want.

That debt spilled over to my marriage and I felt I had put an additional burden on my husband to find a way to get me out.

I doubt anyone could tell, as I was doing well career-wise, and I was functioning well.

But I was just terribly sad.

I knew that there were things I needed to change in my life.

Things that I needed to forgive myself for.

I also needed to create new habits and new thought patterns.

Those new thought pattens led me to share my secrets with you, so that maybe you can find your true desires and happiness too.

In my FREE eBook, 7 Steps To Happy and Intentional Living, 

I share changes that you can make NOW to start living your best life.

Even though I had a lot of family support, it wasn’t until I took the initiative and ownership of my own feelings and start pursing my true passion, that I was able to come out of my fog.

So what did I do?

The first step I made was to reconnect with the passion in my life (and I don’t mean physical passion).

Passion is simply something that DRIVES you.

Maybe it’s a goal. Maybe it’s a dream you had in high school.

A passion is a natural inclination inside of you to achieve and DO something.

I’m passionate about writing because I know it is a powerful conduit for change.

I’m also passionate about mental health and being a mother.  So I combined all of these together in my blog keligooch.com

So whenever things get really tough, or I find sadness trying to creep in, I turn to prayer and my passion, simply because my passion and pain, can produce change.

Do you have a forgotten passion?

Take time and jot it down.

Then take a moment and sign up to receive my FREE e-Book.

Maybe you can discover your own secrets.


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