Your Business MUST Have a Blog!

Okay, so you’ve got an extravagant website, a strong brand, and superior products/services that showcase your company’s identity. But guess what? Your customers have a deep desire for more. They long to know your true personality & what makes your business unique. That's why your company MUST be producing informational content regularly. Take a look at this:
Companies who develop a blog gain 126% more leads
Percentage of customers that have made a purchase after reading a blog post
Percentage of consumers that read and trust blogs



Business Content Creation: My Skill Set

Your potential customers are busy right now searching the internet.  Creating meaningful content helps them find you. I can create intriguing content for your site, while flawlessly incorporating the technical "mumbo-jumbo" you need!
SEO Keyword Integration
Naturally integrate suggested keywords into each article, including recommended density to share your story, your brand's way.
Creative, Optimized Content

APA style writing, with a creative flare! Optimized content to draw targeted traffic to your site.

Active Voice to Establish Authority
Show your audience the authority and expert that YOU are!

My Own Stories

The heart of my story? Motherhood and my unique journey as a parent and a therapist. Take a look
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Keli Gooch

Nationally Recognized Writer & Blogger


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Let me show you how blogging can help build your business!
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