“Allie Meets the Nevers: A Book About Self-Esteem”

I’m thrilled to introduce my new mental health and social skills series for children.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, “Allie Meets the Nevers” empowers children to utilize positive self-talk to increase self-esteem. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that centers on changing negative thinking, which in turn, changes feelings and behavior. With over 50 pages of hand-drawn images, Allie, the main character helps teach children how to combat negative thought patterns. No additional training is required to utilize the therapeutic techniques in this book.

As young children read Allie’s first adventure, they will learn appropriate social skills, how to foster friendships, as well as how to decrease anxiety when faced with challenging tasks. Your child will also gain a greater idea of what it means to have self-confidence and learn about the true power of positive thinking.

“Allie Meets the Nevers” is available in e-book format as well.

In addition, “Allie Meets the Nevers: Coloring & Activity Book” contains over 70 pages full of activities for you and your child to complete together. Designed to be utilized in conjunction with the original book “Allie Meets the Nevers: A Book About Self-Esteem and Positive Self-Talk”, this fun-filled book utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to facilitate talk and discussion related to self-esteem and thinking positive thoughts. Each page contains either an action word, open-ended questions, or a picture to color, all designed to encourage your child to identify emotions, acquire appropriate social skills, or learn a coping technique. You and your child will gain knowledge related to calming techniques, as well as activities to help with making friends.


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